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Online activities 27,50 p/p

for groups from 10 to 300 persons

Amazing Race Carnival 

Group size: 10-2000

Duration: 90-120 mins
Take your team online and compete in a thrilling journey around the world in the Carnival theme. 

Most people know Carnival from Rio de Janiero but carnival is actually a festival that is celebrated all over the world. With the Catholic roots of this celebration, it has taken on different forms all over the world.

Mysterious and adventurous are very appropriate terms for Carnival.  And therefore extremely suitable for an exciting online Amazing Race online team outing. Whether as teambuilding or simply as a digital company outing, this Amazing Race will always be a success!

Where will the Amazing Race Carnival take you? We start at Schiphol Airport and from there the first will be Mexico. Later we will go to Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, Italy and of course to Rio de Janeiro.

Online Amazing Race

Themes: World, Europe, Asia, Christmas Edition

Group size: 10-2000

Duration: 90-140 mins
Take your team online and compete in a thrilling journey around the world.

Work together as a team and compete in a globetrotting story from the convenience of your own personal
working space, anywhere in the world! Explore, learn, create and be challenged together as you travel
(virtually) to some of the most interesting and exotic locations around the globe using the power of
online communication. This is the new exciting way of teambuilding and corporate days out.

Participants are put into individual 'race breakout rooms' where they can discuss and delegate tasks and
be connected in real time as they're led to famous landmarks in different countries and cities in virtual
scenes. They will be tasked with a variety of challenges and fact finding missions to complete in order to
move on in the race. Only the quickest and most efficient working teams will be able to reach and
complete them all and get to the finish point first.

This is our best selling activity in The Netherlands and our other locations like Germany, Belgium, Singapore and Thailand.

virtual amazing race

Live / hybrid activities from 69,50 p/p

for groups from 10 to 2000 persons

Make a TV Ad or your own cinema movie in one afternoon. 

Themes: Movie, TV series, TV commercial, TIKTOK clips

Group size: 10-250

Duration: 3-4 hours

You and your co workers are the film crew in this exciting and creative team activity for teambuilding and fun.

This is the most exciting real life team building and team bonding activity you can imagine without getting your hands dirty.  You are under guidance of real life movie directors so a good end result is guaranteed.

We have several locations in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium where you can book this movie making team event.

How does it work? We start with the whole group with an energizing kick-off. An explainer how the film teams are formed and most important what is the theme of the movies you are about to make. A TV commercial, A cinema teaser? A short serie? Many concepts are possible.

We are kind of keen to do the "movie in parts" concept, where we divide the total group in small groups of 10. Each group will create a part of the movie. So for example, if you have 100 participants we will have 10 movie teams en each team produces 1/10 of the movie. But together we make the complete movie. 

At the end of the day we speed edit all the parts to the final movie which we will present during the "Oscar Event" where we choose best part and best actor/actress.

This workshop is bookable in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Singapore.

tv commercial maken workshop

Online Treasure Hunt

Themes: Marco Polo / Indiana Jones / De Gouden Medaillon

Group size: 10- 2000

Duration: 90-140 mins

Race around the world with your team in a virtual adventure as Marco Polo or Indiana Jones did. This is the ultimate online team activity to play with your co-workers all around the world.

In our online application where you together as a team, you must unlock the mysteries hidden in different locations and follow the next one to the final resting place of the hidden treasure.

We use Zoom or MSTeams to play this game and other apps upon request.

Virtual Escape Room

Themas: Escape the  Pyramide, Sherlock Holmes

Group size: 10-2000

Duration: 90-140 mins

Participants are put into small teams and “locked” in a breakout room together. Using our simple web app and conferencing software, teams are faced with unravelling a series of puzzles. These challenges will test participants’ abilities to work together and communicate as a team, and often draw on a variety of strengths and skills, so teams will need to delegate tasks strategically as well. 

Online Murder Mystery

Group size: 10-2000

Duration: 60-120 mins

This is a classic. Teams have to solve the mysterious murder together as a team. As we play there are clues given to be solved. 

Our quizmaster will guide you through this game and will help teams that dont get along so its a fair game for everybody. 

But only one team can be the winner....


Online Minute To Win It

Group size: 10- 75

Duration: 30-75 mins
Teams battle with each other from their own working environment. However, they team up and battle each other with a wide variety of tasks , questions and quests, just like in the famous TV show.

Our host will guide the teams from our remote game room and we will give you an experience not to forget. 

This activity is very interactive between your coworkers and a lot of fun. 

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Julie Matthys


We hebben met 80 collega's de Amazing Race "De wereld" gespeeld.

Al m'n collega's waren super enthousiast! Zelfs een collega die dit aan haar man ging voorstellen voor zijn bedrijf..  Meer>>



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We hebben de Online Amazing Race gespeeld en dat is  zo goed bevallen dat een andere afdeling ook gebruik gaat maken van jullie events. Top gedaan!  Meer>>

Arnoud Willems


Leuk en geinig. Begeleiding in stappen, aan te nemen rollen en van conceptueel plan naar uitvoering.
Voor het team altijd goed om iets met elkaar te creëren. Specifiek het acteren met elkaar voegt iets bijzonders toe.  

Kim Geleynse

Philips Healthcare

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